Pay it forward…

April 27th, 2009


It is indeed amazing the many little forks in the road and actual road blocks we encounter as the years go by….
I was reminded today of Niki’s injury a few years back as I read about a young dog named Charlie…different circumstances from Niki’s….but well wishes, prayers and a little assistance is very much needed.

Something so very unexpected and out of the ordinary, something you can just not ever plan for…
I remember all too well getting Niki to the emergency clinic, leaving her there….the many phone calls made checking on her. This clinic made one mistake after the next, basically she did no receive their attention, nor the medical attention with winch was necessary for a spinal injury. More importantly, they did ot pick up the phone to inform us of her worsening condition, nor were they forthcoming during the many phone conversations for yes, I was a bit of a pest checking in on her progress. If they had done their job it sooo would have improved her chances at running, jumping, and just having the ability to pee on her own.

Well fast forward a few years and Niki AKA The Little Dog that Could is walking on her own….not perfect and at times a bit unbalanced. Still…we must empty her bladder and at times she will leave a trail of poop as she walks out the door to potty. She is a happy little, fun dog that still must be exercised, daily stretches and PT.

I still sell portraits, prints to help pay for my dogs vet bills. That is how my business  Paw Prints Studio was born….I needed to raise enough money for a pool so that we could do PT. Sadly, I have not yet made enough money for that….still working on it…one day…when the economy is on the up swing no doubt we will get that pool. for now though…
the reason I am sharing this tale is due to another lovely young dog that is indeed in need of a few prayers…Charlie.

At the time when our hearts were so heavy for the cost of Niki’s surgery, the PT, cart needed to help her get around…time and work….oh my, it all was just so overwhelming. The very tough decision of one’s finances vs. the love of a furry friend…medical care is so very expensive for our furry friends, and of course the time factor in which you must make these decisions. Yes, easy to tell me at the time we should have pet insurance….in a multiple dog household, well it can be a bit expensive.

It was then the kindness of a few individuals helped us to get through. With notes of well wishes, lots of prayers and even a few kind individuals sent a few dollars to help with the expenses….one even sent a box of wee wee pads….very thoughtful for when I say over the years we have gone through a good amount of wee wee pads…whew.

The kindness of strangers, helping a little dog in need….well it just simply touched my heart…. for Charlie, paying it forward.

So, while I am not rich and like soooo many the economy has so effected my small little business I will be sending a few dollars….lots of well wishes and of course my prayers. Hopefully little Charlie will fight and like Niki have the chance to be a much loved family companion for years to come.

Ashie the Golden…

February 25th, 2009


This weeks “Your Pets Painted Portrait” is Ashie the Golden. I wish I could share a few things about Ashie, other then just how adorable s/he is….but I cannot. Hopefully Ashie’s person will write a little something. For those that would like to see their (just click on the link for more info) Pets Painted Portrait Here.

Life has been very hectic and I have been a bad girl by not posting ;-( Yep…I have an excuse…first I was sick for what seemed like weeks…..PC trouble….big time. So, a new one was purchased and now time must be made to load the software…oh, and I am redoing the office so before the pc can find it’s home on my oh so very crowded desk, painted and new blinds must be installed. Does not sound like much….just needing the time to get it all done. Ohhhh and did I mention the DOGS….very cute but soooo very demanding.

Colorful backgrounds created in Corel painter….

February 11th, 2009

There are so many ways to paint a quick colorful background in Corel painter, this is just one. You can work from one copy rather then making a clone, that was done to smooth the color out and as mentioned this is a very fast and easy method.

Your Pets Painted Portrait can appear here….

February 8th, 2009

Each week I will be painting a new pets portrait and it will appear here on the Paw Prints Studio web site as well as our Facebook web site. If you would like to see your pets painted portrait just become a fan on our Facebook Paw Prints Studio web site, then post a great image of your beloved furry friend (please post images that are crisp, clear and in focus).

Painting Fur in Corel Painter…

February 6th, 2009


Is so very easy and the above portrait of a lovely and might I also add….so very lively Corgi named Scarlet shows just how easy painting fur is. This was a commissioned portrait and I actually was the one that photographed her while she and her person were visiting to help Scarlet socialize with other dogs…the original images had several dogs in the image. I copped the image below to show Scarlet alone.

 The entire portrait was created using the pastels in Corel Painter…and of course the blenders…even the background. You can paint as traditional and or  as photo realistic as you or your client prefer, or as colorful.  A special fur brush is not at all needed….although you could adjust the setting to any brush to give it a more tapered look at the end. Be creative and Never be afraid to just paint 😉


Spring is Coming…

February 5th, 2009


Today finds it well below freezing here in the Atlanta area…a bit chilly. Of course my”pack” does not at all mind the chilly temps, they enjoy running and romping, going for walks, etc. Before the cold front came through earlier in the week Bailey and I were out wandering around when I spied buds on the Bradury Trees…and I mean all three were covered. I hope todays painting gives you warm thoughts of spring…its on it’s way 😉

I am at the moment sitting in my very cozy, warm studio working on several paintings. I hope to finish the Beagle portrait from yesterday later today…hopefully I will be posting it tomorrow.

The last few days I have received numerous inquires from several in regards to Corel Painter Seminars and Workshops….for it seems there are soooo many being offered scattered about the country. Sadly, I have not ever attended any. I am not at all sure I could actually sit through one. As I type that I am smiling for there is one…. I would more then love to visit San Fransisco. I would of course have to make the time and schedule it just so that I can attend one of Jeremy Sutton’s workshops. He seems to be fun, creative and very original and it appears he leads the way for others to follow. In my Pawfect Pet Portraits, and Digitally Painting Animals online courses I recommend as a must have one of his books for he offers a wonderful collection of brushes that should be in everyones brush collection. In visiting his site for a few links I notice he has something new coming this month!! The next few weeks I’ll do my best to mention a few others that are offering Workshops and Seminars that if I had the time and thought I could actually sit through…I would attend.

On the Easel…

February 4th, 2009


Today finds me with several things on my Digital Easel…a Golden, Beagle and Horse, and on my pastel easel another golden. The above painting is still very much it’s early stages…I hope to complete it sometime tomorrow. Something about a Beagle…you cannot help but fall in love with their eyes…oh and that nose. The many things they can sniff out….such a wonderful breed.


February 3rd, 2009


Poor golden pup, waiting for someone to play with him. I love painting puppies…their expressions are priceless….and oh my, they grow and change so very fast.

The “Pawfect Pet Portrait” will be starting the end of the month. This is a small group course held in our forum, $45.00 per student.  It will be in the shopping cart by the end of the week. Also, for those that prefer learning at their own pace you can purchase the Digiatlly Painting Animals and the course is e-mailed to one lesson per week within a 24 hour period of purchasing.


January 20th, 2009


Like many Americans, I sat in the comfort of my home this morning and watched our 44th President get sworn in. It was a lovely ceremony and I must say the musicians did a wonderful job with the music that was written for the occasion…the poem that was read, outstanding. The speech, yes in deed, very eloquently written and read. Sadly for this President….well, things are a mess and so many looking to him to fix all of our countries ailments, which he cannot. Things will no doubt improve….in time.

To those inquiring as to where I had disappeared to since the Holidays. Thank You so much for asking about me….I am still here….still photographing animals, and of course painting them. I have been very busy with the new pup….and then this terrible cough, cold that  just cannot seem to shake….and then…PC troubles.

Happy 2009

January 1st, 2009


A new year is beginning to peak through
softly beautiful and different like new falling snow,
each day unique and shaped just for you.
Your life adding something as each day does grow.
My wish for your new year is beauty
and softness with surprises thrown in for delight.
Love for each day bringing happiness to you,
making your life a scene of sparkle and shining sunlight.