Ashie the Golden…


This weeks “Your Pets Painted Portrait” is Ashie the Golden. I wish I could share a few things about Ashie, other then just how adorable s/he is….but I cannot. Hopefully Ashie’s person will write a little something. For those that would like to see their (just click on the link for more info) Pets Painted Portrait Here.

Life has been very hectic and I have been a bad girl by not posting ;-( Yep…I have an excuse…first I was sick for what seemed like weeks…..PC trouble….big time. So, a new one was purchased and now time must be made to load the software…oh, and I am redoing the office so before the pc can find it’s home on my oh so very crowded desk, painted and new blinds must be installed. Does not sound like much….just needing the time to get it all done. Ohhhh and did I mention the DOGS….very cute but soooo very demanding.

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  1. Zel Says:

    Oh Dee, thank you so much! Ashie’s portrait is so beautiful!
    Few words about Ashie:
    A Friend Of Wind Assche (call name Ashie) ,was born on May 12th 1996 in Zagreb, Croatia (Europe). Ashie still lives with me, mutt Mulki and cat Dusty in Zagreb.
    This pic was taken on her 12th Birthday, last year.
    She is not my first dog, but she is my first Golden Retriever. Ashie is the Best Dog on the World and my love for her is unlimited. Considering her age (will be 13 in May),every day with her is a special blessing for me.

    Thank you Dee!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Ashie is a wonderful dog, just as beautiful as her owner. I know that she is well cared for and gets tons of love. Even though she is an older gal, she still finds the energy to romp and play and roll around. :)

  3. Vista Says:

    We are proud of their neighbors, of course, that only the best we can say about the whole team! Kisses =)

  4. Dee Says:

    Thank You for sharing your beloved Ashie with us…she is indeed lovely 😉

  5. Chris Says:

    wow ashie..thats a cute dog. [;)]

  6. Judith Phares Says:

    I LOVE your pet paintings Dee. And really all your paintings. Just so colorful and the brushstrokes are fantastic. You have so much talent.

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